TLC can help ready your house for the holidays

A big part of the holidays is inviting guest over and spending time with friends and family. This creates a lot of pressure to make your house holiday ready, so TLC has come up with some simple suggestions and tips to help ready you for this holiday season.

Wall Paint

Whether you want to change or stick with the same wall color, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. It covers any scuff marks, and provides an opportune time to fix any wall damage caused by an opening door or a accidental bump. It is also a great opportunity to utilize the fall color options that will keep your house comfortable and warm during the cold winter months. Not only will TLC patch and paint your walls, we will also help you select the ideal color to welcome your guests during the upcoming holidays.

Trim Paint

Painting the trim of your home is an excellent way to make a room pop without having to worry about painting the entire thing. White trim gives a room a nice clean look, but it is also a good time to tranisition to a creamy beige color to give your house a warm, welcoming feel. If you have a project you would like us to take a look at, give us a call for your free estimate.

Other Tips

- Door Painting - Painting your front door is a quick an easy way to set the tone before people enter your house. The front door is your first impression, and a clean, sharp looking front door with a welcoming color is a nice way to invite guests into your home. This is a fairly quick project that you can do yourself.

- Natural Wood Trim Painting - Transitioning from natural wood trim to painted trim is a great way to brighten your home without actually remodeling or renovating. Finished wood, like most things, wears out over time and loses the sheen that attracts people to it in the first place. This holiday, restore your trim to its original sheen by transitioning to painted trim, or refinishing it with a natural stain.

- Ceiling Painting - Ceilings are often neglected because people rarely look up. The condition of a ceiling dictates the brightness of a room because the whiter it is, the more light it will reflect. Avoid those dark winter months by putting a fresh coat of ceiling white on your ceiling this winter.