An ice dam is formed when there is an ice buildup on your roof. Snow melts the water runs into the rain gutters. It then freezes and turns into ice. The build up of snow and ice on the roof begin to melt because of the heat inside your home. But the water can’t run off the roof because it’s stuck behind the ice dam. So the water soaks into the only place it can the roof and ceiling of your home. The solution is simple: clean the snow off of your house. There are many tools you can do this yourself with, but depending on the angle of the roof, it might be best to call a professional.

Residential Exterioir

Is ice dam damage covered by insurance? Most times no … but the resulting water damage is.

The insurance companies have communicated to us that in order to get your claim paid the homeowner has to have made some effort to remove snow either by themselves or hiring a company to remove the snow. If you have used a contractor to clear your roof, keep the invoice for your insurance company. Take a picture of the snow removal effort, date it and keep it with your records for the insurance company.

Call the office at 508-651-5201 to be put on the list for an estimate on your water damage when all snow and ice dams are gone.