Ask TLC About Low VOC Paint For Your Next Project!

Low VOC content paint is the newest solution for those with paint related health issues.

One of the leading causes indoor air pollution and the relating health problems are the paints, varnishes and solvents containing VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which we use in our homes and places of business. VOC’s are the chemicals that are released as paint dries. Paint bases may be free of VOC’s, but when pigment is added, the VOC level climbs. Other home furnishings can emit VOC’s also, such as carpet, plastic, furniture and cabinetry. Anything made from a petroleum-based product can emit VOC’s.

Breathing the VOC’s in paint can trigger asthma attacks, eye irritation, respiratory problems, nausea or dizziness. VOC’s have been a key component in the composition of oil based, and latex based paints. Given the rise of health issues and new government regulations, zero and low VOC paints are now more accessible and affordable than ever.

Voluntary standards for VOC content in paint have been established by an independent non-profit who sets standards for environmentally responsible or “green” products, Green Seal®. The certification for Standard GS-11 is based on VOC content, the absence of chemicals, durability and performance among other criteria.

The benefits of using low and non-VOC paint aren’t limited to a healthier home air quality.

- Low VOC paint reduces ozone depletion, groundwater contaminants, and reduces the waste that go into landfills.
- They cover flaws and previous paint and are durable and washable.
- As they have little or no hazardous fumes during application, there is no odor once dry. You can move into the freshly painted room with no off-gassing fumes.
- Since the paint has little to no toxins and is not hazardous waste, the paint is easy to clean up and dispose of. Low VOC products are easily cleaned up with soap and warm water.

What is low and non-VOC paint made from?

Instead of being full of chemicals, like regular paint, low VOC paints are made of natural ingredients like plant oils and resins, plant dyes, and essential oils. Natural minerals such as chalk or talcum, clay, milk casein, bees’ wax, naturally found latex and mineral dyes.

Oil-based low VOC paints made with natural ingredients usually have a nice, light citrus fragrance. The water-based natural paints have practically no smell at all. Allergic reactions to these paints are very rare.

In the past couple of years, our customers have requested zero VOC or low-VOC paints. We use these environment friendly paints on the interior of homes of people who have high sensitivity to allergies, newborn babies, elderly residents, or by request.